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Our Customers Feedback 

I am updating my review from 7 months ago to reflect my heartfelt thanks to Mr Glenn for potentially saving my Grandaughter’s sight and even significant and life changing brain damage. He identified a serious issue when conducting a routine eye test and made an urgent appointment for Ophthalmology at Alder hey. They acted quickly, performed an MRI and lumbar puncture and she is now recovering under their care. We will be forever grateful to Mr Glenn for his prompt professional response. 
My family and I (eight of us in total, ranging from 13 to 70+) have been customers at Glenn’s for several years. I couldn’t count the number of tests and pairs of specs we have had. Not once have we had occasion to doubt the prescription, to raise any problems or issues. Mr Glenn and his team are helpful, friendly and professional. They offer a huge range of specs with prices ranging from budget to designer. 
There have been times when we have been told a new prescription is not necessary, other occasions when the advice was that a lower price frame suited rather than the more costly option. 
In short we get a service we can trust. 
Philip Latus 
Dear Mr Glenn, 
Before we went to Glenn's Opticians I regularly felt ill with my school work, I had headaches and was nauseas. Most of all I was scared to read. Since I was diagnosed with Irlens syndrome and my mum got me tinted glasses it’s easy to read now. It’s easier to do homework as well. Now my teachers print worksheets on coloured paper and now teachers understand. I was always a lot slower with my work than my friends at primary school, but with thanks to Glenns Opticians school life is so much easier. 
Many Thanks 
Edward Brown 
We realised when my son was 10 that he had Mears-Irlen syndrome – a type of dyslexia. I had real difficulty finding someone who could provide coloured overlays and coloured glasses. It was a huge relief to find Glenns Opticians in Crosby. Martin Glenn prescribed exactly what my son required and since then his school work has gone from strength to strength. Martin Glenns professionalism, skill and kindness has meant that since diagnosis my son has been superbly catered for with his Irlens. Edward has used his tinted glasses and overlays for 4 years. 
Jude Brown (Edward's Mum) 
My son aged 8, was having great difficulty with reading and was self–conscious about it. He would do anything to avoid reading in class. He would often be disruptive so he would get sent out and was losing his self-esteem. He had even started to self-harm. Mr Glenn diagnosed that he had Visual Stress which could be helped with tinted lenses. As soon as he received the glasses I noticed an improvement and over the next 3 months the improvement was dramatic. He now enjoys reading and is coming on well at school. I honestly believe that the tinted glasses have changed his whole life from being a low achiever he is now engaged in his studies. 
Sandra Parry 
Dear Mr Glenn, 
I feel very positive about my tinted vision glasses. For as long as I can remember I have suffered with painful migraines. When I was first introduced to tinted vision I was not very optimistic as I thought I had tried everything e.g. painkillers from the doctors plus other remedies. Up to now I have had two very painful migraines in which I put on tinted vision glasses and almost right away I felt effect of tension leaving my painful head it is early days as I only picked up glasses this week March 2014 but I feel much more positive. 
With Thanks 
Miss Susan Robinson 
As a family we have been using Glenn's Opticians for a number of years, the staff are very friendly and helpfull, this week my eldest son went for his eye test, and thank's to Mr Glenn's up to date equipment and his knowledge he detected very high pressure with glaucoma, which we never knew he had, so we were sent straight to the hospital, were they got the pressure down, and they then used the laser to relieve the pressure, so thank's to Mr Glenn he has caught this problem in time, So a huge thank you to Mr Glenn. 
George Clarke 
Dear Mr Glenn, 
I was very doubtful that coloured lenses or overlays would be of any help. As a teenager I was also sure I wouldn’t want to wear coloured glasses in class. However – I can say that my coloured lenses have been amazing! I have found it easier to read, quicker to read and I no longer experience regular headaches. I have been surprised by the amount of benefit the coloured lenses have provided and now wear them for all reading, in lectures, on the computer etc. 
Thank you 
Miss Tabitha Cunliffe 
Dear Mr Glenn, 
After more than five years attending Alder Hey which led to a diagnosis of chronic daily headaches and abdominal functional disorder I was thrilled with the diagnosis of Meares Irlen- syndrome. Her lenses have made a massive difference to her, she hasn’t had a headache since wearing her lenses. It was only once she began wearing them that she said the television isn’t fuzzy anymore and that the white clouds aren’t purple and now she loves reading! Sadie said there are lots of words she’s never seen before! We are thrilled I am telling everyone and anyone about Colorimetry and Mr Glenn. 
Thank you 
V Gill (Sadie's mum) 
Dear Mr Glenn, 
The lenses are great, finding everything easier with my increased work load, eyes not strained. Thanks for all your time and patience with the lenses. If it helps anyone with problems with Dyslexia and Mears - Irlen syndrome, the lenses are fantastic, and they are a great way to move forward and get confidence. 
Best wishes 
Darran Singleton. 
Dear Mr Glenn, 
Prolonged use of computers, overhead lighting (in particular fluorescent tubes and energy saving bulbs) are all triggers for my migraine attacks. I find that my tinted lenses can delay an attack and help with the symptoms when one strikes. They make make everything seem calmer and less dazzling. They seem to actually take the 'everything being too bright and too colourful' away, in a way that sunglasses cannot. 
Many Thanks 
Sue Martin 
Dear Mr Glenn, 
I attended your opticians in 2011 whilst suffering from debilitating migraines. After doing a regular eye test, you then went on to do some colour tests in the room upstairs in Crosby; you informed me that a particular rose coloured overlay may help when reading. Since then, I have used rose overlays on paper and screens to help reduce the visual stress I feel when reading on white backgrounds - in a nutshell, this has transformed my life and now I am able to read (at work) for eight hours a day whereas before I could not bear more than an hour. Thank you very much for introducing me to this concept of colour-related visual stress; it has simply transformed my life to be able to see without having to 'concentrate' on seeing, if that makes sense. 
With kind regards 
Heather J. Murphy 
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